aside A New Journey Has Begun

girl-2228899_1920 (1)A New Journey Has Begun

It’s time to take that step… and truly follow our dreams!
What do we have to loose vs what we can gain? 

Hello reader!  Thank you for visiting my blog.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Natalie Batten. Some of you (very few at this stage) might know me as the up and coming children’s author N.C.Batten. My Children’s bedtime collection are currently nearing completion.

I’m really excited to announce my journey as an author has begun. Finally dusting off several book ideas, and molding them into book format, has been the most rewarding career experience for me ever.

Over 20+ years in the business and finance fields, I have hit the big 40, and now it’s time to chase my true dream, of sharing my mystical, inspiring, original and humorous world of fantasy to children. I can’t concentrate on anything else anymore, as my creative writing desire burns brightly, has ignited to full flame.

After juggling several jobs over the years and moving house many times, I just couldn’t settle down anywhere – until writing about The Enchanted Empire World became the main place for me that felt like home. It had become the thing that seems to have settled me with ‘that’ feeling… this is my purpose.

I have still managed to write everything… YES EVERY IDEA I had ever had on my fantasy world and stories (you should see my filing cabinets). Therefore, I have pretty much written my book outlines, story boards and character studies. Now it’s time to follow through on creating my story board puzzle magic to bring my ideas to you!

Spending over 25 years of children fantasy stories in the making, as well as studying the publishing and creative writing industry for the past five years, I am so looking forward to my beautiful mistakes and successes in this giant leap of career change I have now chosen.

My inner child has awakened, eyes are open and diving ahead into my new future. Wish me luck!

I hope this blog inspires you also, to follow your true dreams.

What are you waiting for?



Credits: Picture by Enrique Meseguer found on Pixaby









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