Oh… To Be A Writer

NCB170704bOh to be a writer

to share bubbling thoughts within,

of treasured places far away

and that’s where I’ll begin!


I watch the clock impatiently

waiting for that spark.

And there it is; my big idea!

It only took till dark.


Creating plots and chapter scenes;

the story’s forming now.

With characters and sidekicks to add,

and puzzles to solve, but how?


Finally I’ve got it!

The means to link the story.

My fingers try to catch my thoughts,

attempting a tale of glory.


Now checking flow of my works

– own critic I must be.

Wait a minute, what is this?

Mistakes I didn’t see.


Then moulding drafts, one by one.

Will this story ever finish?

My first idea, a happy one

– now incentive can diminish.


I’ll let it sit, for two more weeks,

to look with fresher eyes.

That’s better – wow I love the piece!

Tears well with happy sighs.


Oh to be a writer

how wonderful it can be,

to open up your mind

and portray what you can see.


By N.C.Batten


Credits: Featured Image by Pexel from pixabay


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