About me

Hello there

Good to see you on my page!

I’m Natalie and the creator of this blog. I grew up in Melbourne and have lived here all my life – what a city! As all Melburnians do, I love my coffees. Especially a Mocha in the morning can even make a Monday great!

Throughout my whole life I have been creative and more or less lived in my own little world. Hang on. Who said it was a little world?

I’m very much into Fantasy, not only reading books and watching movies, but writing stories myself. It’s a whole process and the projects are currently in early stages with the hope of getting published very soon. We’ll see what time has to offer.

I live in a very cute South-East suburb of Melbourne with my long-term partner and our fur babies: Lilly, Izzy, Mikey, and Annabelle. Can you tell I have a weakness for animals?

This blog will be a first attempt to write for public. I hope you enjoy reading through it!

Let me know your thoughts.